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5 places to visit in Old Malden


1. Terrazzino Cafe

Your deliciously perfect local Italian restaurant right in the heart of Old Malden. Open Tuesday to Thursday, the cafe brings such a wonderful, friendly and relaxed environment to enjoy your homemade pizza and pasta. Not only perfect for lunch and dinner, their fresh coffee is great for a quick catch up with friends.

2. Plough Bakery

The Plough Bakery is a traditional English family run bakery. It’s had its doors open since 1983, they are a walk in bakery who also cater for events and wholesalers at request. Valued by local residents and passers by alike, they make a variety of breads, rolls and cakes. It’s the perfect treat after a long walk down the Hogsmill River.


3. River Trail

The Hogsmill River Trail is probably the most popular one in the area. The 7 mile long river is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. The source of Hogsmill is in Ewell in Surrey, the river flows north through Old Malden and various other places until it reaches Kingston Upon Thames.You can walk or cycle the full length of the river, possibly spotting some wild trout along the way.

4. Manor Park

The recreation ground that has it all! The green flag award winning park not only offers a playground and outdoor exercise equipment, they also facilitate football, cricket and tennis as well. The Tennis Avenue Academy owns the 8 private tennis courts on site (that can be used by the public when booked) and they have coached some of the best kids in Great Britain boasting one of the largest number of European titles for any club in the country.


5. Cottage Brew

The perfect afternoon day out for kids and parents alike, Cottage Brew & Play is a safe atmosphere for babies and toddlers to experiment and develop their motor skills in a fun and enjoyable environment. The soft play is the perfect place for under 8’s to feel independent enough to explore the various slides, spinning platforms and rock walls whilst parents enjoy a coffee or panini from the cafe.

 My house isn’t for sale but should I keep it sellable? 

The short answer is yes!!! There are things you can do around your home every day which will help increase the value when the time does come for you to move. Keeping your front and back garden in check along with pruning bushes and making sure large trees are looked after, making sure there is no moss on the roof, checking the gutters for leaks and washing your patio are all things you can do to keep your home visually desirable. Keeping on top of all these things listed above will increase the value of not only your home but also your neighbours!

3 mistakes people make when selling their home…

it doesn’t matter if you’re selling your home or not, we are willing to help you get these principles right.


 Admit it, when you’ve brought your house to market you’ve totally compared it to your neighbours asking price right? Don’t!!! Rule number 1 when selling your property is not to make too many assumptions, especially on price. The price is made up of many factors, not just what you see on the outside. You could be setting a much higher price if you just stop over analyzing your property. 



When your property is on the market and you're showing people around your home, you need to make sure you’re presenting it in a way that’s best for buyers. I know it’s hard to throw your own opinions out the window, but for those short few hours toss everything aside and think about your possible buyers. If you need to, it may even be beneficial to hire someone to stage your home, this can even increase the price in the long run and who doesn’t want that?


How do you market a house, Rightmove right? Wrong. Most agents will use reactive marketing which is essentially just waiting for the phone to ring and reacting accordingly. If you’re selling your home, what you want is proactive marketing. Creating a bespoke marketing strategy for each property is the way to go. It allows you to directly channel into the correct demographic, using social media, leaflets and advertisements alongside the normal property portals gives you the absolute best exposure making it more likely to sell your property.

3 mistakes people make when selling their home…